Antimagnetic Replica Watches -Bye to Magnism

In our daily life, magnetism is no longer the original physical magnetic field, with the population of cellphones, computers, tablets, TV sets, refrigerators and other electronic products. Therefore, watches is prone to be interfered by magnetic field. According to the international antimagnetic standards, antimagnetic watch should work properly(maximum deviation of 30 sec/day allowed) at least in a 4800 A/m(60 gausses). With advanced development of antimagnetic materials, qualified ETA movement can reach that standards, which means it is fine if you do not get your watch too close to magnetic objects (keep 10 meters way). Technically speaking, anti-magnetism has been well developed so far and there are two ways to achieve that goal.

Next we will cover some anti-magnetic watches which is right for those persons that always place in a strong magnetic field environments, such as automatic operator, electronic engineers and doctors that perform nuclear magnetic resonance.

Rolex Milgauss series 116400.72400.GV.Bk(high-level antimagnetic)
Rolex names it Milgauss after its capacity to resist magnetic fields. Soft iron is applied to designed the case and at the meantime, Parachrom balance spring is employed to resist magnetism, shocking and temperature difference. Double protection provides antimagnetic ability of 100000A/m, thus completely keeping magnetism out of the case. Due to this design, there is no Date aperture. As a hottest one, here we recommend the green bezel one because it has lightening-shape hands and green sapphire crystal mirror, which is why it is so charming and is a typical model of antimagnetic watch.

IWC Ingenieur automatic IW323902
IWC is also a noted brand in the Anti-magnetic field. It has developed anti-magnetic watches in the 1930th and once has reached 500000A/m. Now the common soft iron case were designed by IWC which is applied in Engineer series. In this series, there are some simple types, such as IW323902 with a stainless steel case and a ETA 2892 Cal.30110 automatic movement.

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