Details Make Perfect-Patek Philippe 5200G-001 Men

Found in 1839, Patek Phillip is well-accepted as a No.1 Watch brand and has many patents. It also has leading techniques in this field. Its strong brand sense, excellent techniques and continuing efforts on innovations make it a noted brand. Today, what we are going to introduce is Goldolo 5200G.

Goldolo 5200G has different appearance compared with other Patek Philippe’s. Even though you replace Patek Philippe’s loge with other normal brands, its appearance would still impress you deeply.

With double-layer platinum watch case, 5200G continues the frontier style of 1910 and melts arts, class and innovations and that may explain why it is so extraordinary. Power reserve indicator, Date on the dial reminds us of the honorable 5100(with 10 days power reserve) that released on 2000. The elegance of movements can be seen through the transparent case back. Case was made of pure gold and processed by highly polishing, looking like a mirror, and fixed at the button with 4 screws.

On the center of dial are two Dauphine hands that are made of pure platinum and polished double side. Platinum are also used in the indexed and hands of small dials which has the same processing with two Dauphine hands to set off to uniform. The alligator bracelet is a manually made one with a platinum buckle and a logo on it.

Gondolo ‘s practical purposes-double calendar and power reserve indicator.
Double calendar means Date and Week. 5200G uses hands to point days while showing week via a windows. What makes it different from other double calendar is that 5200G can jump forward simultaneously. With that, Date and Week jumps forward at the middle night instantaneously, which requires a highly-precise mechanical structures to achieve that. Movements is the kernel part of a watch and patek Philippe has always been focusing on it and hundreds of patents at handy.

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