Hawaii: feeling happy day full of aloha spirit

At the sponsorship of TAG Heuer and DFS, multiple vertical paddle board surfing world champion player Kai Lenny in Hawaii held a special children’s day. For the purpose of this activity it is to donate $10,000 to the foundation which is located in the islands of the N ¨¡ Kama Kai, and the representatives of the foundation, the world surfing champion Duane they also attended the event. Today, all children who like surfing in Hawaii and practicing the project and those good surfers love surfing on the island, is a special day.

Kai lenny is the genius surfer in America and she loves windsurfing and kite surfing, and she once has challenged the world’s largest wave and six times won the vertical blade plate surfing champion of the world. Under the sponsorship of the Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer and DFS, kai lenny joins hands her own + Positively Kai foundation, and held the charity day with the theme of surfing for kids. There are three very special moments today:

First of all, such as Hawaii many beautiful days, the activity starts from surfing. Kai lenny leads all children to waikiki beach, to do some surfing training, and briefly demonstration, during the period there has many laughter and fun. This is the perfect opportunity to share technology, for the TAG Heuer, which is also the great choice to consolidate the relationship between the Tag Heuer brand and kai lenny. Kai lenny’s work also includes her + Positively Kai foundation which was founded in 2015, and purpose of the foundation is to select some foundation for funding support each year, and for young people to respect the sea and the environment, to strengthen their safety consciousness.

Today, this foundation chooses the N¨¡ Kama Kai foundation of the Duane DeSoto to held the activity with Kai Lenny. And 10,000 dollars under the sponsorship of Tag heuer and DFS will be directly used to the future activity of the kids in the island.

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