Light as feather-Replica Piaget 0.2 gram tourbillon

Masters from Replica Piaget always do the subtraction, that is simplify the movement structure and reduce the thickness of components, so that they achieve a complication watch and set off its unique brand style and remarkable skill to their best. Replica Piaget has a lot of master works, perfectly carrying out its creed.

0.2 gram tourbillom
Protestants in 15th century thought that any luxury brands should not be accessible to citizens, and only watch is an exception. People finally find a shelter for the watch: the pocket and thus developing pocket watch. The right idea drove Swiss to be a top country in the watch industry. As the pocket watch was placed in the pocket and then the gravity will have great influence on the escapement. In order to eliminate ill effect on the balance wheel, a revolution for the escapement was around the corner. At 19th century, the first tourbillon, a treasure inserted in the movement, was invented. The tourbillon , running at a constant speed, works as a protection on balance wheel and offsets forces causing by the gravity and makes springs release its force in a balance way. As tourbillon is big in size and if no proper measure is taken to control its weight and volume, it would be a burden to the escapement.

Luckily, technicians from Replica Piaget simplify the components and reduce it to 42 components, which is 1/3 less than a normal tourbillon, thus limiting its weight to amazing 0.2 gram.

In recent years, Replica Piaget keeps improving tourbillon based on its super-thinner techniques. After 3 years developments, Replica Piaget rolled out its stunning 600p with a 3.5mm of thickness, which is the automatic winding movement with floating tourbillon. In order to keep a high precision, Replica Piaget extends its tourbillon to 7.75mm, which can better take out the interference on the escapement.

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