Reviews on the Watches Worn by the Political Leaders

Character: Indira Gandhi – Former Prime Minister of India
The watch she worn: HMT Janata about Rs.1050
Comment: As India’s first lady, the HMT Janata wrist watch worn by indira Gandhi, to some extent, is a powerful contribution of the India’s people’s hard work and folklore combination.

Character: Vladimir putin – Russia’s President
The watch he worn: Patek Philippe perpetual watch about $60,000, Breguet Marine series watch about $15 000, Blancpain Leman series “Scuba” big date watch about $10,500, Blancpain Leman series Flyback watch about $10,000.
Comment: Russia’s oldest political figure is wearing his watch to maintain his own strength. His influence is well reflected in his choice of watches, we believe that he often express his views through watches.

Character: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton – Former U.S. senator and secretary of state
The watch she worn: Chanel J12 about $5,000 and Rolex Datejust two toned watch about $2,7000.
Comment: Hillary in politics has always appeared in the eyes of the public with the perfect image . Like Chanel and rolex watches, she always keeps the class and open image.

Character: Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actors and governor of California
The watch he worn: Panerai Luminor Daylight watch about $35,000 and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger limited watch about $48,000.
Comment: Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a German immigrant and efficient government institution builder, to become governor of California immigrants is really impressive. His big and tall body is just perfect for the rugged good Panerai and audemars watches.

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