Simple But Classic–Rolex Explorer I 214270 39MM

The first Rolex Explorer watch was the necessary tool for climbing the Mount Qomolangma. Later, Rolex released the updated version. In this edition, it has black dial and luminous time indexes and number, which has clear reading. It really deserves its name, and satisfy a bunches of needs for exploration. In 1963, Rolex rolled out the Explorer I in order to commemorate Edmund hillary and Tenzing Norgav who succeeded in climbing the mountain.

Time scales and hands glimmer in the dark, thanks to the Chromalight, a luminescence that was firstly applied to Sea-Dweller and Deepsea, and now to Rolex Explorer. Being different from the case in Deepsea, it is still the traditional, shallow green instead of blue. The light could last for 11 hours.

In the brand new Rolex Explorer I has a friendly interface. The crown is easy to open it and there are two places: one for winding and one for setting. The stop-second could stop the oscillating of pendulum and set the second. Under the Rolex Crown, there is a short line symbolizing the double lock. It is waterproof to 100 meters. Processing on the bracelet is surely quality product. For example, it has a polishing surface and a polishing left, which makes it matched with case. But in order to match the 39mm case, bracelet is gradually thin.

Not only improvement is made on the appearance, the movement is also updated to Rolex Cal.3132 on this screw-down case. This movement is different from the Cal.3130 in the old Explorer which place Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex anti-shocker on it. It is based on the Cal.3135 Date we are familiar (Submariner, Datejust and Daytona use). This is the well-acknowledged movement in the market, owing to its reliability, long span and accuracy, thus, it is not strange that Rolex watches are more expensive than most of other brands watches.

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